Landslide near Mud Creek covers portion of Highway 1 in California

Updated Jun 3, 2017
(photo-Caltrans District 5)(photo-Caltrans District 5)

About one-third mile of SR 1 in an area known as Mud Creek near Big Sur, California, has been covered with 35-40 feet of earth after a landslide. The road had been closed for repairs due to buckling.

California has experienced high levels of rain and snowfall that have weakened the soil in many areas. It is estimated that there is roughly $1 billion in damages to roadways as a result, including this event.

The area affected is about nine miles north of the border of San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties in the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) District 5. Estimates are that at least 1 million tons of material moved in the landslide.

Caltrans has not provided an estimated time for clearing and opening the roadway. The agency has dispatched geologists and engineers in the area assessing the damage and next steps.

(Photo-Tamie McGowen, Caltrans Assistant Director, Public Affairs)(Photo-Tamie McGowen, Caltrans Assistant Director, Public Affairs)