Bergkamp’s M310CS paver features Tier 4, PTO-driven gear pumps

Updated Feb 9, 2017
Bergkamp M310CS image2

Bergkamp M310 Cs Image1Bergkamp’s new M310CS truck-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing paver features a Tier 4 engine and offers PTO-driven hydraulic pumps that eliminates a side engine requirement, the company reports.

The output and performance from these new hydraulic pumps is equal to the standard side engine package on the M310 paver, Bergkamp says.

The M310CS uses an Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic (EMCAD) system designed to manage power in puts and electronically control material outputs. The system, the company reports displays material ratios, total material use and application rates. It also can create on-demand reports of production.

The EMCAD system also controls the direct-drive hydraulics of the machine, as it monitors and adjusts material ratios depending on the settings created for ingredients, production control and feedback from the delivery system.

Bergkamp reports the M310CS can hold 10 cubic yards of aggregate, 630 gallons of asphalt emulsion and water and 80 gallons of additive.