Connecticut DOT releases $10.9 billion five-year capital plan

Connecticut Welcome SignThe Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has released its $10.9 billion, five-year capital plan for fiscal years 2017-2021 covering highways, bridges, public transportation and bicycle and pedestrian needs.

“The Department has leveraged state and federal resources to advance one of our largest construction programs in recent years,” says CTDOT Commissioner James P. Redeker. “Investment in transportation is an investment in our economy and creates thousands of jobs in Connecticut.”

For fiscal year 2017, which began Oct. 1, CTDOT plans to spend $2.2 billion with roughly $1.3 billion set for highway and bridge infrastructure projects and about $900 million for bus and rail projects. The agency plans to bid 87 projects at a $570 million contract value. This is fewer projects compared to 2016 (87), but represents a significant increase in value ($475 million).

Across the five years of the plan, 58 percent ($6.3 billion) is dedicated for highway and bridge projects, followed by 40 percent ($4.3 billion) for public transportation and 2 percent ($245.8 billion) for facilities.

The full plan, including a dashboard for navigating and a spreadsheet, are available here. The advertising schedule for the projects this year are available here.

CTDOT also released a report detailing its performance in “delivering capital investments.” The goal of the report, “Transportation Capital Infrastructure Program, Annual Capital Plan Report, January 2017,” is to “optimize the capital funding for all its transportation modes and to improve continuously its ability to deliver maximum infrastructure improvements for each dollar expended,” says Redeker. The report is available for review here.