State DOTs to review election’s impact at AASHTO annual meeting

Updated Nov 9, 2016

voting-booth-polling-place-votersThe American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) says leaders of state departments of transportation will review and discuss the impact of national and state elections as well as policies during the its annual meeting November 12-15 in Boston.

Mike Barnicle, a political analyst and former newspaper columnist, will speak November 14 at the meeting to discuss election results for president, Congress, governorships and state legislations, AASHTO says.

“Both major party candidates for president have said they would propose large new infrastructure investment programs soon after taking office,” AASHTO says. “The elections will also decide which party controls both chambers of Congress, and who will lead state governments to decide their transportation funding policies.”

U.S. Department of Transportation Deputy Sec. Victor Mendez and Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau also will speak at the meeting on November 15.

AASHTO also will elect its leaders for 2017 and announce winners of the America’s Transportation Awards for top state DOT mobility and safety projects.

“Much of the annual meeting is set aside for state DOT and AASHTO officials to hold a series of specialized committee meetings on a broad range of transportation issues, starting the morning of November 12 with the Special Committee on Intermodal Transportation and Economic Expansion,” the association says.

AASHTO members also plan to review development of intermodal transportation plans across the country and how they affect economic development. They’ll also look at freight-related funding programs un the FAST Act and offer roundtable discussion on state freight advisory committee required by the legislation.

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