Fecon FTX128 track carrier updated to handle small asphalt planer jobs

Updated Sep 21, 2016

ftx128l_asphalt-grinder-37Fecon has updated the hydraulic high flow circuit of its FTX128 track carrier from 60 gpm to 45 gpm, giving the machine roughly 100 hydraulic HP to the planer mill.

As a result, the company says the machine is capable of milling asphalt up to 6 inches deep and 40 inches wide, comparable to other small cold planers. This capability, Fecon adds, eliminates saw cutting of areas prior to asphalt patching and gives the machine more versatility in working on full depth reclamation projects with paved surfaces thinner than 6 inches.

The FTX128 can be switched to broom and bucket applications or for use in roadside vegetation management using the Fecon BH85SD mulcher attachment. These capabilities, the company says, in addition to the cold milling application, makes it an economic option for cities “looking for greater utilization of their capital equipment.”