Indiana DOT awards $100 million in additional Community Crossings local matching grants

Photo credit: oldskulphoto/FlickrPhoto credit: oldskulphoto/Flickr

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has awarded $100 million in Community Crossings matching grants, on top of the $47 million announced previously, for local road and bridge improvements.

The Community Crossings program is funded by legislation approved earlier this year that will provide more than $1.2 billion in funding for road and bridge preservation projects. Roughly $160 million is available through the program this year.

INDOT announced 99 cities, towns and counties in southern Indiana will receive $49 million combined for these infrastructure improvements.

“Both large and small communities in southern Indiana demonstrated strong commitments to modernizing their roads and bridges and identified matching funds,” said INDOT Commissioner Brandye Hendrickson. “INDOT is pleased to award all of these funding requests within the program’s limit of $1 million per community.”

One example of the funding in this part of the state is Clark County, which is receiving $1 million to support bridge improvement projects countywide. The city of Evansville is receiving nearly $708,000 in matching funds to support street improvements to Riverside Drive between Mulberry Street and Boeke Road.

“Modernizing infrastructure is a hallmark of a forward-thinking city,” says Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “With Evansville already on track to resurface more than 60 miles of streets in the next three years, the infusion of funds from the state’s Community Crossings program will further broaden the impact of our investment in the city’s streets, sidewalks, and trails. I am especially pleased that the marching grant will be used to upgrade and improve an important travel route that extends from the downtown historic corridor, through residential and commercial neighborhoods and areas adjacent to schools, benefiting residents of all income levels.”

The complete list of southern Indiana projects receiving the matching grants is available here.

INDOT also awarded $51 million to 121 local government entities in northern Indiana. The city of New Haven and the city of LaPorte are each receiving $1 million in matching funds to support street resurfacing efforts in those cities.

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“Modernizing infrastructure is vital to fostering a prosperous economy,” says LaPorte Mayor Blair Milo. “The infusion of funds from the state’s Community Crossings program means we can achieve more road improvements more quickly than otherwise possible and LaPorte residents and business owners will soon see the impact of these dollars at work.”

“Investing in infrastructure results in smoother roads, better bridges and more sidewalks and trails,” says New Haven Mayor Terry McDonald. “Beyond that, though, it results in a community better positioned to attract and retain jobs and a talented workforce.”