PennDOT’s 4-year project to replace 7 bridges over I-676 on schedule

Updated Aug 24, 2016
Photo courtesy of PennDOT.Photo courtesy of PennDOT.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) $64.8 million project to rebuild bridges over Interstate 676 in Philadelphia is right on schedule, according to PennDOT’s Assistant Press Secretary Gene Blaum, Pennoni Associates’ designer Jim Pezzotti, and Urban Engineers’ construction manager Dave Palmer in speaking with the Philadelphia (Phillymag).

PennDOT began the four-year, two-part project a little over a year ago with plans to replace seven bridges over the interstate with new bridges that are expected to last 75 years.

Stage 1 includes four bridges—20th Street, 19th Street, and two pedestrian bridges—which are expected to be complete in June of 2017. Stage 2 will include the bridges at 18th, 21st, and 22nd streets and has a projected completion date of November 2019. The project also includes several landscaping and hardscaping initiatives, including granite benches and pavers, aesthetic treatments, street lighting, and wider walkways for pedestrians.

Famous statues in the area have been encased in wood and vibration monitoring technology has been installed to ensure they are not damaged during the construction process.

“They took a base reading just to see what the day-to-day pre-construction vibrations would be,” Pezzotti told the news agency. “So far, so good. There hasn’t been anything that’s adversely affected the sculptures.”

The construction schedule and a photo gallery, as well as before-and-after renderings can be found online.