Diamond Road Smoother features all-in-one diamond tooth grinding system

Updated Jul 5, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.11.22 AM

Diamond Road this summer plans to launch its Diamond Road Smoother all-in-one machine that includes a profiler, computer system, water tank, cutting machine, brooms, vacuum system and directional arrow board on a trailer that can be towed.

Features include:

  • Long averaging arms with multiple pivoting wheels designed to smooth individual humps and dips, according to the company, that will naturally level surface defects
  • A quick set up and transition time from transport to grinding, in less 2 minutes and walking speeds between bumps up to 5 mph
  •  8-foot grinding head
  • Automated controls that allow the machine to run off of a pre-determined road profile
  • Works on both asphalt and concrete roads at up to a depth of 1/2-inch without decreasing speed, the company reports.

Diamond Road says the new Smoother could be used prior to chip or slurry seals and thin overlays to help provide a smoother surface than by simply applying those preventative maintenance options.