Henke intros larger Alaska Expressway ‘extreme’ snowplow designed for Dalton Highway

Updated May 27, 2016

HenkeAlaskaHenke introduced during the 2016 North American Snow Conference a larger version of its Alaska Expressway “extreme” snowplow, the EXP41-66BP, which the company says is engineered for the conditions of Alaska’s Dalton Highway.

It features a 5-inch diameter Tube Table pushframe (1/2-inch thick wall) with a sliding left and provides an integral snow and rock shield curl ranging from 22 to 42 inches to prevent blow over and gravel damage. The angle of attach has 5 settings ranging from 8 to 29 degrees. The cutting edge is 12 feet wide and it features a 41-inch intake and 66-inch discharge.

Henke says the plow’s adjustable slotted trip mechanism with dual spring-in-spring design provides enough down pressure to reduce chattering and prevent damage. It can absorb up to 9,000 pounds of shock load before the safety shear bar is engage.

The running gear features 225/75R10 tires rated for 4,900 pounds per tire at 31 mph. The EXP41-66BP is compatible with Pin Hitch, Parallel Lift and UQH hitch configurations.