Kansas DOT approves $31.2 million in highway construction and maintenance projects

Kansas welcome signThe Kansas Department of Transportation approved $31.2 million for January highway construction and maintenance project bids.

Projects by district include:

District One — Northeast

  • Replacement of bridge number 099 at U.S. 69 over the Blue River in Johnson County

Contractor: Pyramid Contractors, Pyramid Properties, Olathe, Kansas

Value: $2.99 million

District Two — North Central

  • Milling and overlay of 11.9 miles on U.S. 24 in Clay County

Contractor: Hall Brothers, Marysville, Kansas

Value: $2.27 million

  • Milling and overlay of 4.3 miles on U.S. 56 in Dickinson County

Contractor: Shilling Construction, Shilling Asphalt, Manhattan, Kansas

Value: $1.31 million

District Three — Northwest

  • Replacement of bridge number 040 on U.S. 83 near the U.S. 83/U.S. 24 junction in Thomas County

Contractor: Klaver Construction, Kingman, Kansas

Value: $920,374

District Five — South Central

  • Bridge repair on I-135 bridges number 025 and 027 in Sedgwick County

Contractor: Wildcat Construction, Wichita, Kansas

Value: $1.37 million

District Six — Southwest

  • Grading and surfacing of 6.2 miles on U.S. 83 in Haskell County

Contractor: Venture, Great Bend, Kansas

Value: $22.31 million

  • Various major collectors and signing in Morton County

Contractor: Collins & Herman, St. Louis, Missouri

Value: $60,627