Delaware DOT launches online snowplow tracking system with app support

Updated Dec 15, 2015

Screenshot_2015-12-10-08-21-12The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has launched a tracking system available online and via an app for its plows during snow storms this season.

GPS sensors on each of the 330 plows in DelDOTs system will transmit the vehicles’ locations. These can be viewed on the interactive map on the agency’s website or on its app available for Android devices and the iPhone. For the latter, the app is listed as “DelDOT” on the App Store.

“I’m a huge proponent of transparency in government and the snow plow tracker is a great way for us to show the people of Delaware how hard we work on their behalf during snow storm,” DelDOT Secretary Jennifer Cohan says.

“We will be testing and refining the snow plow tracker this winter, and we have plans to add more features to this system in the coming years. We believe the snow plow tracker is going to help us provide the public with a better understanding of what we do to manage winter storms.”

Developing the system cost $22,440 and will only be active during snow storms and can only show a plow’s location.

If the vehicle is idling or stops for more than 10 minutes it will not show up on the map. DelDOT hopes to update the system in the next year or two to show what action (plowing, salting or simply driving) a vehicle is making.

DelDOT’s interactive map is available here.