USDOT provides $1 million in emergency relief for Missouri flood-damaged roads and bridges

Updated Oct 17, 2015

flooding cars highway street floodThe U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released $1 million in emergency relief funds to the Missouri Department of Transportation for bridge and road repair following recent flooding damage across the state.

“We now how difficult it is to carry out a daily routine when travel links are broken,” FHWA Administrator Gregory Nadeau said. “Restoring these critical connections is important to the community.”

The state recently experienced severe flooding in 76 counties that led to hundreds of roadway sections being closed. Damage, estimated to total more than $6.5 million, was from landslides, erosion and scouring, and culverts were washed out.

“Emergency relief funding will make immediate repairs possible so drivers throughout the state can resume their travel,” Transportation Anthony Foxx said. “People in Missouri should know that the federal government is working to get the highways and bridges that they rely upon back up and running again.”