Mississippi DOT is investigating a possible beer run in one of its vehicles

Updated Oct 3, 2015

A Facebook user in Mississippi caught the eye of the state’s Department of Transportation after posting pictures that appear to show three women loading up an MDOT law enforcement vehicle with beer.

According to The Clarion-Ledger, MDOT has launched an investigation to determine if there was a misuse of state property following the photos making the rounds on Facebook.

The pictures show the three unidentified women placing bottles of beer into multiple coolers before putting the coolers in the pickup truck at a gas station in Pontotoc.

An MDOT spokesperson took to the department’s own Facebook page to respond to the photographs and ask for anyone with any information to contact the department.

“MDOT does not tolerate the misuse of state property. At this time, a report has been filed to investigate social media posts that have been provided to MDOT. Action will be taken against anyone found violating our policies on the use of state vehicles,” the Facebook post said.

According to the the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration Office of Purchasing, Travel and Fleet Management March 2014 Rules and Regulations Fleet Manual, no department vehicles are to be used for unofficial travel. Additionally, the rules say no one should be allowed to ride in a state vehicle unless they work for the state or are doing business with the operator.

The original Facebook post from Jill Jones had over 1,500 shares when MDOT launched the investigation. Jones told Mississippi News Now that she saw the women loading up the coolers and just started taking pictures.

“I witnessed these ladies icing down beer and putting it in the MDOT truck,” Jones said. “… They weren’t in any way trying to hide what they were doing.”