September Texas Prop 1 project approvals valued at $88.9 million for projects in 5 counties

Updated Sep 29, 2015

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The Texas Transportation Commission has approved projects in five counties valued at $88.9 million as part of the seventh round of the state’s Proposition 1 transportation funding program.

Proposition 1 is providing funds for more than 800 miles of highway rehabilitation, including 500 miles of new highway lanes; 114 replaced, widened or rehabilitated bridges; and 159 miles of passing lanes added to rural highways.

This round of approvals brings the project total to 120 out of the 200 total projects planned and $1.46 billion in project value for the year.

Seventh Round Project Funds

County                      Bid Total

Brownwood               $12,174,397

Dallas                          $3,240,395

Ellis                             $35,775,603

Franklin                      $16,431,005

Victoria                       $21,361,350

The Texas Department of Transportation says several of its districts are using maintenance funds to fix highways affected by “production in energy sectors”. These impacted areas are getting roughly 30 percent of the total Proposition 1 funding for this year, when counting these maintenance funds and the Proposition 1 funds that are allocated for energy sector needs.