Equipment dealer, paving company help develop noise reduction kit for Bomag CR652RX paver

Updated Aug 23, 2016


Bomag CE652RX noise suppression

A new paver noise reduction kit has been developed from a perfect triangulation of efforts from a paving equipment dealer, their customer and the equipment manufacturer.

A Bomag CR652RX fitted with a Stretch 20 Elecric Screed was creating noise levels when running so loud that operators at The Shelly Company, an Ohio-based paver, couldn’t communication with each other. The folks at Shelly notified their dealer, Southeastern Equipment Company.

“The noise was created by a hydraulic motor running a generator at the rear of the screed where crews were positioned to operate the paver and screed,” said Doug Neff, asphalt product manager at Southeastern Equipment.

So the dealer and the customer got to work coming up with a solution, and presented it to Bomag aftermarket representative Mark Ladda while he was at Southeastern providing paver training for the dealer’s technicians. He went back to Bomag with the idea. After a period of development, Bomag created a noise reduction kit with full installation documentation that is now a standard dealer part.

“We were very pleased that Southeastern jumped in to fix a problem,” said Henry Polk, Bomag product marketing manager for paving products. “This process is a perfect example of the partnerships that we are proud to have with our dealers.”

“Our operators were very thankful that Southeastern listened to their concerns and solved the problem,” said John Crawford, equipment manager at The Shelly Company. “Because of the improvement that Southeastern developed, productivity increased significantly. Communication is critical on a jobsite.”