Louisiana DOTD releases book highlighting 150 historic bridges in the state

HueyLongThe Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LDOTD) has released an illustrated publication that provides a guide to 150 of the states historic bridges that “represent significant engineering designs, important trends and historical events.”

Crossing the Bayou: Louisiana’s Historic Bridges is available as a pdf download and is searchable by bridge name, parish or bridge type. Each bridge offers a photo and a description including its history and significance. Thirty-three bridges are identified as receiving priority for preservation.

The publication is the culmination of work that begin in 2012 to document historic bridges for state-owned and parish-owned bridges constructed through 1970.

“This effort, composed of three components, included the research on the history of the bridges to develop historic context, a field survey to photograph and document the statewide structures, and the preparation of recommendations of eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places and future preservation efforts,” the department said in a statement

The 224-page publication is available here.