Kansas DOT approves $73.4 million in state highway projects

Kansas welcome signThe Kansas Department of Transportation approved $73.4 million in bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in its June lettings.

These projects include:

District One (Northeast)


  • U.S. 69 in Kansas City, intelligent transportation system, 3.7 miles, ADB Companies Inc. — $902,360.25
  • Kansas City metro area, intelligent transportation system, ADB Companies Inc. — $674,126.00.
  • I-35, patching and overlay northbound from 95th Street to U.S. 69 overpass, southbound from Southwest Boulevard to Lamar, patching and concrete grinding from U.S. 96 overpass to I-635 and from Lamar to Southwest Blvd, southbound from I-635 to 95th Street, pavement patching, 9.8 miles, R A Knapp Construction Inc. — $10,898,255.41.


I-70, 0.6 mile west of Urish Road to east KTA toll plaza, overlay, 12.6 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc. — $19,017,600.46


I-70, 10th Street to James Street lighting, 1.0 mile, Capital Electric Line Builders Inc. — $1,322,228.92

District Two (North Central)


K-18/Spring Valley Road intersection and U.S. 77 from 0.13 mile north of U.S. 77/Lacy Drive/Goldenbelt Blvd., north to 0.1 mile north of McFarland Road, grading and surfacing, 1.6 miles, Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary — $6,156,916.44


U.S. 36, 4.4 miles east of east U.S. 36/K-128 junction east to 1.6 miles west of west U.S. 36/K-14 junction, pavement reconstruction, 1.4 miles, Venture Corporation — $4,576,330.25


I-135, Saline/McPherson county line to I-135 / U.S. 81 interchange, pavement marking, 18.8 miles, Roadsafe Traffic Systems — $855,751.68

District Three — Northwest


U.S. 283, bridge #023 (over South Fork Solomon River), located 1.06 miles south of the U.S. 283/U.S. 24 junction, bridge repair, King Construction Company Inc. and Subsidiaries — $112,417.75


  • Thomas-Sheridan county line east to junction U.S. 83/K-23, grading and surfacing, 11.3 miles, Venture Corporation — $15,119,446.77
  • K-383, K-383/U.S. 83 junction, east to Decatur/Sheridan county line, milling and overlay, 1.3 miles, Venture Corporation — $461,703.95


Milling for RAP samples in Cheyenne, Decatur, Graham and Thomas counties in District Three, milling, Venture Corporation — $7,280.00

District Five — South Central


Intersection of U.S. 281 and Railroad Avenue, intersection improvement, 0.2 mile, L & M Contractors Inc. — $389,446.45


  • El Dorado State Park, state park road, SE-KAN Asphalt Services Inc & Subs DBA SE-KAN Companies — $851,561.02
  • U.S. 54, from 800 feet east of Andover Road east to 400 feet west of existing Dike Road near Augusta, seeding, sodding, 7.8 miles, Superior Erosion Control, Inc. —$24,680.93


  • U.S. 50, from 0.5 mile east of U.S. 50/K-89 Junction, east for 0.5 mile (west end of existing passing lanes), grade & surfacing, 0.5 mile, Venture Corporation — $1,146,245.61
  • U.S. 50, from 1.3 miles east of U.S. 50/RS-304 junction east for 1.2 miles, grade & surfacing, 1.2 miles, Venture Corporation — $3,491,734.79


  • I-135, from the junction of I-135/K-96 (37th Street North) north to north city limits of Park City, seeding, sodding, 6.9 miles, Superior Erosion Control, Inc. — $93,657.70
  • Wichita metro, intelligent transportation system, Phillips Southern Electric Company Inc. — $1,379,305.00
  • U.S. 54 bridges; Bridge #375 westbound and Bridge #376 eastbound over the Arkansas River, Bridge #381 eastbound over Southwest Boulevard, Bridge #383 eastbound over Meridian Avenue, Bridge #385 eastbound over Seneca Avenue, Bridge #387 eastbound over Sycamore Street, bridge repair, 0.0 mile, Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries — $1,458,630.87
  • K-96 eastbound exit ramp at the K-96/Greenwich Rd interchange, signing, Fulsom Brothers Inc., Cedar Vale, Ks, $51,908.43. Sumner – 55-96 KA-3854-01 – K-55, bridge #116 (over Arkansas River), located 7.63 miles east of the U.S. 81/K-55 junction, bridge repair, 0.0 mile, PCI Roads, LLC — $112,905.10

District Six — Southwest


U.S. 83/U.S. 56 intersection near City of Sublette, grading and surfacing, 0.3 mile, Smoky Hill LLC — $4,329,978.89