Maine governor signs law authorizing $85 million transportation bond package

Updated Jul 10, 2015
Interstate 295 in Portland.Interstate 295 in Portland.

Maine Governor Paul LePage has approved a bill that authorizes a bond package worth $85 million in 2015 and $90 million in 2016 to be used for transportation projects. The measure will be put to a statewide vote in November for approval.

The measure, LD 1415, An Act To Authorize Two General Fund Bond Issues to Improve Highways, Bridges and Multimodal Facilities, would create bonds that would run no more than 10 years.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage.Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

“This critical investment of $85 million into Maine’s transportation system will assure thousands of contractors and construction workers with long-term job security and continuing paychecks, and in turn will strengthen Maine’s infrastructure and economy,” LePage said upon signing the bill.

High priority highways would get $17 million for construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation, and bridges would receive $46 million for replacements and rehabilitation.

The remaining funds would be used for transit and freight, passenger rail, aviation, marine transportation and harbors and ports.

“The citizens of Maine have always recognized the importance of a solid, well-built well maintained transportation infrastructure,” Maine Department of Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt said. “I am confident when asked in November, the voters will continue to allow us to strengthen Maine’s economy and build a transportation system that will benefit generations to come.”