Deadline for ‘Excellence in Concrete Pavement’ award nominations fast approaching

Updated Jul 6, 2015


There’s not much time left to nominate a project for American Concrete Pavement Association’s annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavement” award.

The deadline to nominate a a project for the 26th year of the award is July 24. You can nominate a project completed in 2014 at the APCA’s website.

According to the APCA, the award honors “outstanding projects” completed by contractors, engineers and project owners.

“The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project and serves as a forum for sharing information about highly successful projects,” the APCA said in a press release.

The winners will be recognized at the 52nd Annual Meeting Awards Banquet in Bonita Springs, Florida.

The annual award is is given out in the following categories: Divided Highways (Urban); Divided Highways (Rural); State Roads; County Roads; Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30,000 SY); Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30,000 SY); Urban Arterials & Collectors Commercial Service & Military Airports; Reliever & General Aviation Airports; Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR); Concrete Overlays (Airports); Concrete Overlays (Highways); Concrete Overlays (Streets and Roads); Industrial Paving; Roller Compacted Concrete (Industrial); Roller Compacted Concrete (Special Application).