Pelosi hints at approval for trade package if Republicans support long-term transportation funding

Updated Jun 17, 2015

The trade adjustment assistance (TAA) bill shot down by members of the House last week might get support from Democrats if Republicans were to get behind bigger transportation funding efforts, according to Nancy Pelosi (D-California).

The Hill reported the House Minority Leader feels the failure of the TAA, with a vote of 126-302, might not have occurred if both parties had discussed transportation funding options.

“The prospects for passage of a such a bill will greatly increase with the passage of a robust highway bill,” she said in a statement included in the report.

“We look forward to working in a bipartisan way for a trade promotion authority bill that has better transparency, more consultation with Congress and stronger protections for Congressional priorities—especially labor rights and the environment.”

There is some effort in exploring highway project funding for longer than short-term patches such as the one passed in May. The House Ways & Means committee is meeting this week to “explore the feasibility of various ideas” for sustainable solutions to funding the Highway Trust Fund.