Kansas DOT hosts transportation, construction career camp for high school girls

Updated Jun 15, 2015

The Kansas Department of Transportation hosted a camp recently to educate teenage girls on career opportunities in transportation and construction.

According to WIBW, KDOT hosted 28 high school girls to the MAGIC summer camp last week to teach them about alternative careers in the transportation industry they may have never considered before in fields like geology or engineering.

“I tell them that knowledge is something that no one can ever take away,” KDOT civil rights administrator Doria Watson told the station. “If they never go into transportation or if they never decide to do construction, at least they have knowledge of what it is all about.”

The MAGIC camp, which stands for “Mentoring A Girl In Construction,” was hosted at Topeka’s Foley Equipment. The girls in attendance were able to take part in hands-on training and do some simple construction tasks.

The camp followed a similar program from the Utah Department of Transportation where middle school girls were educated on transportation careers at a summit earlier this month.