Rivertop says it can cut down on billions in road salt equipment corrosion costs, launches ROI calculator to prove it

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.39.48 AMRivertop Renewables has launched its Corrosion Reduction Calculator at the American Public Works Association North American Snow Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The calculator helps determine the return on investment (ROI) of using corrosion inhibitors in relation to repair and replacement of equipment due to corrosive problems caused by the use of road salts.

The calculator is specifically calibrated to the Montana-based company’s Headwaters Corrosion Inhibitor product and data compiled through case studies and government agency research on corrosion.

The company said there were $8 billion in “direct corrosion costs” due to the 17 million tons of salt spread on roads in 2013.

“Salt brine is a critical snow fighting tool, but concerns about its corrosive impact on vehicles and bridges are mounting,” said Mike Knauf, Rivertop Renewables CEO. “We designed our calculator to reveal the savings that states, municipalities, commercial trucking and other road users can realized by reducing the corrosive side effects of brine, without sacrificing public safety.”

The calculator produces a .pdf report that includes the savings of using their corrosion inhibitor over a five-year period.