Iowa Transportation Commission approves $33 million in new highway and bridge projects

Updated Mar 23, 2015
Interstate 35 in Iowa.Interstate 35 in Iowa.

The Iowa Transportation Commission has approved a 2015 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP) amendment to add highway and bridge projects for fiscal year 2015, a move made possible by the recent 10-cents-per-gallon gas tax approved by Gov. Terry Branstad.

The new projects total $33.2 million, which is the amount expected to be collected for FY 2015. The projects will begin in calendar year 2015.

  • Planned projects and land purchases include:
  • Four interstate construction projects
  • Two “non-interstate” bridge modernization projects
  • Two “non-interstate” pavement modernization projects
  • One safety project
  • Right-of-way purchase for improving U.S. 20 from Correctionville to the west junction of U.S. 59

Projects part of the ITIP are fully listed here.