Oregon offers online calculator so drivers can see what they’ll owe in upcoming pay-as-you-go road usage program

OreGo calculator

OReGO, Oregon’s voluntary Road Usage Charge Program, offers an online calculator to help determine what a drive would pay under the program compared to existing gas taxes.

This is in integral part of the program, as participants can receive a refund if they pay more in gas taxes than they do in the program. Conversely, if the road usage charge is more than the fuel tax, then participants will have to pay the difference.

While the calculator only provides an estimate, it could help motorists consider if they want to volunteer. Variables required included miles driven per month and the average miles per gallon of a motorist’s vehicle. The result only creates a comparison of state fuel taxes and not Federal or local taxes.

Below is an infographic created by the Oregon Department of Transportation to illustrate the impact of OReGO using two different vehicles.