Compact Power Introduces New 700 Series Compact Loader

Compact Power, Inc. recently unveiled the new 700 Series Compact Utility Loaders, the 726DT, 732DT and the 749DT. These new models are powerful articulating loaders that are ideal for the landscaping, utility, rental and construction markets as well as a wide range of other industries and applications.

The 700 Series consists of powerful, yet fuel-efficient diesel engines. All 700 models are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions, four-wheel drive for added traction and frame articulation that allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. In addition, the 700 Series is designed with user- friendly controls and an ergonomic suspension seat for operator comfort as well as 360 degree visibility.

Designed with a telescopic arm, the hinge pin height is able to reach over 8 feet for the 726DT, over 9 feet for the 732DT and over 12 feet for the 749DT, making it easy to load dump trucks or for stacking pallets. Along with its telescopic arm, the 700 Series offers high lifting capacities and breakout forces.

Specifications 726DT

Engine Daihatsu Diesel 26HP, 19.4 kW @ 3000 RPM, 50 HZ

Operating Weight 1,874 lbs., 850 kg

Overall Width 39 in, 990 mm

Operating Capacity at 50% tip load 1,124 lbs., 510 kg Breakout Force 2,513 lbs., 11.2 kN

Tip Capacity 2,248 lbs.,1020 kg

Hydraulic Flow 6.9 gpm, 26 L/m

Hydraulic Pressure 3,050 psi, 210 Bar

Hinge Pin Height Telescopic to 105 ins, to 2690 mm

Travel Speed 7.4 mph, 12 kph

Specifications 732DT

Engine Yanmar Diesel 32HP, 23.7 kW @ 3000 RPM, 50 HZ

Operating Weight 2,271 lbs., 1030 kg

Overall Width 47.2 in,1200 mm

Operating Capacity at 50% tip load1,488 lbs., 675 kg Breakout Force 3,197 lbs., 14.2 kN

Tip Capacity 2,976 lbs.,1350 kg

Hydraulic Flow 6.9 gpm, 26 L/m

Hydraulic Pressure 3,050 psi, 210 Bar

Hinge Pin Height Telescopic to 117 ins, to 2980 mm

Travel Speed 6.8 mph,11 kph

Specifications 749DT

Engine Yanmar Diesel 49HP, 36.3 kW @ 2600 RPM, 43.3 HZ

Operating Weight 3,440 lbs., 1560 kg

Overall Width 58.7 in, 1490 mm

Operating Capacity at 50% tip load 2,260 lbs., 1025 kg Breakout Force 5,512 lbs., 24.5 kN

Tip Capacity 4,520 lbs., 2050 kg

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Hydraulic Flow 8.9 gpm, 33.6 L/m

Hydraulic Pressure 3,050 psi, 210 Bar

Hinge Pin Height Telescopic to 146 ins, to 3708 mm

Travel Speed 13.7 mph, 22 kph

“The 700 Series loaders provide the strength and versatility that the Boxer product line is known for and offer the unique telescopic arm feature,” states Karrie Crocker, Marketing Manager, Compact Power. “The addition of the articulating loaders expands our product line allowing us to reach a wider range of markets.”

This versatile compact loader is built to handle over 50 plus quick attachments such as augers, hydraulic hammers, pallet forks, forklift attachments, trenchers, soil cultivators, brooms, levelers, stump grinders, grapple buckets, backhoe attachments and cement mixers to name a few.

Compact Power, Inc. is a world leader in the compact hydraulic power equipment market and specializes in products that are up to 50 hp (37.28 kw) and 5,000 lbs. (2272.7 kg). They are the manufacturers of a wide range of compact equipment including:

Boxer Equipment, ProHauler System Trailers, CPI Attachments and Compact Power Equipment.

For more information on Compact Power 700 Series, contact your local Compact Power dealer at 800-476-9673, or visit