Weighing less than 220LBS dry, the VMAC VR140 UNDERHOOD Air Compressor doesn™t look like much of a contender for heavy-duty air at the construction site. But connect a shotcrete nozzle to the system and the UNDERHOOD proves it™s in its element. Despite its compact size and installation, the VR140 delivers up to 150CFM or 175PSI of air output, making wet or dry mix jobs look easy. Instant air-on-demand means workers aren™t waiting on air, while the under-the-hood installation ensures valuable deck space and trailer hitch are free for the tools, rods, dampeners and other heavy equipment needed on-site.


VMAC manufactures one of the most complete lines of UNDERHOOD Rotary-Screw Air Compressors available. To see a live demo, visit www.underhoodair.com or call 1-866-369-3719.