Tires by CEAttachments, Inc.

The CEAttachments offers 5 different types of tires for skid steers, sure to have the right tires for any application. Solid Flex Tires offer a pneumatic ride with NO flats, are made with a special mining rubber compound that resists tearing and chunking, and are guaranteed to last 3X longer than pneumatic foam filled tires. Severe Duty Tires offer over 1Âť of tread with an enhanced rubber compound, are designed for use in cold planing, demolition or other severe applications. Heavy Duty Tires are a premium tire with deep tread, premium tread compound, large tread lugs and a large rim guard.  Standard Duty Tires have sidewalls designed to protect against abrasions, tears and punctures. The Value Series Tires are priced right and intended for light duty applications. Many sizes in each style.  For more information visit our website at or contact one of our friendly experts toll free at 866-232-8224.