EDGE® Rock Wheel by CEAttachments, Inc.

Cut through asphalt and concrete with greater speed, accuracy and versatility with the Edge Rock Wheel from CEAttachments. It”s powerful planetary drive delivers higher torque and faster cutting action- 60 RPM wheel speeds and up to 15 FPM cutting speed. It”s full-size carbide teeth also penetrate tough surfaces with ease. Hydraulic side-shift and depth control allows skid steer operators to lower the wheel 24″ and shift it 22″ for maneuvering close to buildings and other obstacles-all without leaving the seat. The Edge Rock Wheel is available with multiple cutting widths and is designed for use with skid steers in the 1,300 lb. class or larger with hydraulics flow of at least 26 GPM. For more information, check out www.ceattach.com or call 1-866-232-8224.