Shindaiwa Introduces New Simul-Phase Generator Technology

Shindaiwa Construction Products has announced a new, patented breakthrough in mobile power generation technology that allows the simultaneous use of dual voltage single phase and three-phase current. This innovation will be marketed as Simul-Phase Technology.

“Now users will be able to have 120 and 240 volt power for lights, air conditioners, electric tools, etc. and at the same time supply three phase 240/480 volt power for motors driving compressors, pumps, ans the like, all from the same generator.” says Dave Dahlstrom, Director of Marketing and Business Development.

The concept and design for the unique new alternator was developed and patented by Shindaiwa Corporation engineers in Japan. Simul-Phase Technology will be first introduced on the new kWiet Power model DGK25C, a 20kW mobile generator powered by a quiet Isuzu diesel engine. Simul-Phase Technology will eventually be incorporated into the entire kWiet Power lineup from 20kW to 120kW.

“We believe this innovation will offer new options to rental customers who need to power a variety of equipment on the job site. Rather than renting two or more generators, a customer can make do with just one, thereby saving money and hookup complexity,” says Dahlstrom.

In addtion, the unique DGK25C uses the Shindaiwa Ultra Quiet sound attenuation technology. With decible ratings of 53 at no load and 56 at fuel load, it is third kWiet Power model employing Ultra Quiet technology.

Shindaiwa, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shindaiwa Corporation of Hiroshima, Japan who manufactures a broad line of gas and diesel powered construction equipment. Additional information can be found at