Volvo SD105 Soil Compactors Easily Convert From Smooth to Padfoot

Volvo SD105DX and SD105F padfoot model are both versatile yet provide excellent drum performance and a comfortable environment for the operators. The operating weight of the smooth drum machines is 23,700 pounds (10748 kilograms) and the padfoot configuration weighs 25,100 pounds (11383 kilograms). These models have a drum width of 90 inches (2286 millimeters). The SD105DX has a centrifugal force of 59,000 pounds (261 kiloNewtons); the SD105F has a centrifugal force of 78,000 pounds (347 kiloNewtons).


Utilizing the patented Volvo two-piece, clamp-on padfoot shell kit, the SD105DX converts easily from a smooth drum to a padfoot drum so that contractors can handle all types of soils. Strike-off blade options are available for each type of drum.


Both models are powered by a 125-horsepower (93.2-kilowatt), four-cylinder diesel engine. The Ultra-Grade® full-time traction control system helps ensure the compactor™s ability to climb and maneuver in the toughest soil conditions.


The Volvo SD105 soil compactors reduce overall maintenance time and costs, with features such as a tilting operator platform for accessing hydraulic components; remote-mounted and centrally located hydraulic test ports and hydraulic filters; a one-piece engine cover and a rear-mounted cooling system for easy access and cleaning.