Press Release 440-XL Extruder

Extruder1-(2)The Power Curber 440-XL extrudes curb at a speed of up to 30’ (9.1m) per minute at 12” (30cm) high and 12” (30cm) wide with a single auger and up to 18” wide with a twin auger setup.  A single 6” (15cm) diameter auger is standard.  Optional twin augers can increase speed for larger curb applications.  Steel reinforcing rod can be fed through the front of the machine directly into the curb through a hollow auger shaft.  Two dual pneumatic front tire assemblies (4 tires) provide for greater flotation.  Wheels adjust vertically and horizontally for compaction and placement of tack coat or steel rebar through the curb.  The 440-XL can be feed from a wheelbarrow or concrete truck.