Asset communication platform provides free listings for project opportunities

A new asset communication platform developed by is now available on the Web. concentrates on four key areas in the construction industry: construction equipment, building materials, construction jobs and project opportunity.

The company says its goal is “to provide advertising and marketing for contractors in relation to these four key areas with little to no out of pocket cost.”

Currently, the site provides free listings for all project opportunities and construction Jobs. Their short term objective is to make all listings free; they are currently working with several industry organizations and advertisers to accomplish that task.

“Our overall goal is simple; we want to be the go to site for the construction professionals to communicate with other construction professionals in our platform specialties,” explains Doug Wattenburger, project manager, in a written statement.

The construction equipment category allows contractors to advertise and search surplus construction equipment and tools.

The building materials category offers contractors to list or locate excess or reclaimed building materials.

The construction jobs category is an outlet for construction companies to list employment opportunities.

Project opportunities bring about new business partners through project awareness.