Navman Introduces Integrated On- and Off-Road Fleet Tracking with Qtanium 300 GPS Tracking Device for Off-Road Construction Vehicles

At Creative3GLENVIEW, ILNavman Wireless today released the Qtanium 300, a GPS tracking device for all makes and models of off-road construction equipment that is designed for use with the company’s OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking and management system. Uniquely engineered and built from the ground up to operate in extreme off-road conditions, the unit’s integration with OnlineAVL2 makes Navman Wireless the largest global provider to offer on- and off-road vehicle tracking from a single interface.  

The Qtanium 300 joins the company’s Qube in-vehicle GPS tracking device for on-road vehicles plus other components of the OnlineAVL2 platform that collectively help fleet managers in the construction industry track real-time vehicle usage, minimize fuel and other operating costs, and increase productivity and profits. 

“Being able to see the location of both on- and off-road fleet vehicles in real time on the same map display, and access reports on the entire fleet from the same application, is far more efficient and effective than using different programs for different kinds of vehicles,” said Renaat Ver Eecke, Vice President and General Manager, Navman Wireless North America. “Dispatchers, fleet managers and executives now have all the information they need to monitor and optimize their operations in one place.”

Purpose-Built for Off-Road Equipment

The Qtanium 300 monitors the location of bulldozers, excavators, cranes and other off-road equipment via GPS and transmits the data to the OnlineAVL2 software for comprehensive vehicle tracking, reporting and management. Key features include:

  • An IP67-rated waterproof enclosure and connecting cables
  • Usability in operating temperatures of -30°C to 75°C (-22°F to 167°F)
  • Shock testing to 30G and vibration testing to 9G
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life when in full operation, with a five-month backup battery ensuring the vehicle can still be located even if a thief cuts the wires
  • Special engineering to prevent tampering with the antenna to conceal the vehicle’s GPS location
  • A motion sensor that detects movement of stationary vehicles and sends an alert to provide early notification of possible theft 
  • Support for up to 100 geofences for tracking vehicle movement outside of pre-defined boundaries
  • Quad band GPRS to ensure GPS coverage regardless of location
  • A compact 8.5² x 7² x 2.5² footprint enabling the unit to be installed anywhere on the vehicle, either visibly or covertly


New Off-Road Vehicle Visibility

With the Qtanium 300 sending GPS information to OnlineAVL2, users can not only see the real-time location of both on- and off-road fleet vehicles merged on the same map to provide a complete picture of fleet deployment but also utilize new OnlineAVL2 capabilities to simplify and strengthen fleet oversight and management.

New asset-specific map icons instantly identify vehicles in user-defined categories, enabling at-a-glance differentiation of vehicle types ranging from front-end loaders and backhoes to pickup trucks and vans. In addition, the Qtanium data is used to generate new OnlineAVL2 construction-specific reports that document asset utilization, asset location, engine hours and sensor-based equipment information such as how many times a crane arm wired to the Qtanium unit by a sensor moves up or down.

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The new reports add to OnlineAVL2’s extensive reporting library, which offers detailed insights into fleet, vehicle and driver performance including idling, stops, driving speed, geofence violations, maintenance needs and much more. System reports help reduce fleet downtime through proactive maintenance management based on actual engine hours, provide accurate equipment utilization history that can be used in developing job bids, improve daily cost management by accurately charging each piece of equipment, and help maximize fleet productivity and profits in a variety of other ways.

All reports are exportable in multiple formats, enabling integration into the fleet operator’s legacy software applications.

OnlineAVL2 is delivered under the Software-as-a-Service model with no major in-house software installation or maintenance required. The OnlineAVL2 application and all accompanying hardware – including the Qube on-road and Qtanium off-road GPS tracking devices, plus mobile messaging/turn-by-turn GPS navigation devices available for use with on-road vehicles – are developed and manufactured by Navman Wireless.

About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless is a global leader in GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking and OEM GPS solutions that enable companies to track, monitor and communicate with their movable and fixed equipment assets. The company’s flagship OnlineAVL2/Qube system is installed in more than 110,000 vehicles owned by over 8,500 customers worldwide, making Navman Wireless one of the world’s largest fleet management providers with coverage on five continents. Navman Wireless is based in Glenview, IL, with facilities in the U.S., Mexico, UK, Italy, Taiwan, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, visit or