New John Deere Graders Offer Unrivaled Choice, Productivity

09 2010 Bid List John DeerMOLINE, Illinois (March 2, 2009) — John Deere has been a company of firsts, introducing the industry’s first articulated motor grader and the first dual path hydrostatic front-wheel drive system. Now the tradition continues: John Deere has revolutionized motor graders with its new G-Series, offering users a choice of console-mounted industry standard controls or armrest-mounted industry standard fingertip controls, as well as features like cross slope control, automatic differential lock and a rearview camera.

“With the G-Series, it’s not ‘one size fits all’ – you’re free to choose the control style that makes you the most comfortable and productive,” said Kent Stickler, product marketing manager for motor graders, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “And every grader has a steering wheel, no matter which control pattern you pick.”

Using extensive customer input and the successful D-Series as a platform, Deere is introducing six G-Series models, ranging from 185 to 275 net hp, each engineered for increased productivity, reliability, durability, serviceability and low daily operating costs.

Choices for Everyone

With its G-Series graders, Deere is offering the industry unequalled choices. In controls, choose from the console-mounted low-effort industry standard control pattern or intuitive and easy-to-use armrest-mounted industry standard fingertip controls. If an operator specifies the fingertip controls, he’ll still have a choice between using lever steering or the ever-present steering wheel. 

Either way, G-Series controls provide a smooth, predictable response and plenty of power whether the application calls for heavy blading or fine grading.

There’s also a choice of ground-engaging tools. G-Series graders are available with a front- or mid-mount scarifier, or a rear ripper/scarifier. “Owners and operators can pick the tool configuration that’s best for the jobs they do,” Stickler said. “We recognize everyone has different needs.”

Ultimate Productivity: The Grade Pro Package

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For road builders, larger site prep contractors and counties with many road miles to maintain, the G-Series’ Grade Pro package offers a suite of productivity-enhancing features for high-production grading.

Grade Pro models have industry-standard pattern fingertip controls, located on the armrest. They offer lever steering and the steering wheel for operators who prefer traditional steering.

With the push of a button, operators can engage return-to-straight, bringing the rear frame back to center. Exclusive cross slope control allows operators to select a desired slope and maintain it with just one blade lift lever. Slope control technology can assist less experienced operators.

“With the Grade Pro package, Deere makes it easier to do your best work,” Stickler said. “When you combine smooth ergonomically correct controls, cross slope and return-to-straight, you have a machine with unmatched comfort and control. These are the controls that all blade operators prefer – there’s no need to re-learn how to run this motor grader.”

All John Deere G-Series Grade Pro units are grade-control ready. These machines can accept Trimble® or Topcon® grade control systems, whichever manufacturer the customer prefers. All automatic grade control buttons and controls are integrated into the control levers.

A rear camera system with radar object detection is an available option and a high/wide-back air-suspension heated seat completes the package.

All G-Series graders also have keyless start with multiple security codes, enabling owners to control the who has access to the grader. JD Link Ultimate is also standard equipment.

Engine and Transmission

Deere PowerTech Plus™ 9.0-liter high torque Tier 3 engines provide best-in-class lugging and best-in-class low RPM power, with standard variable horsepower. Coupled with the heavy-duty Deere transmission with EBS (Event Based Shifting) transmission software, operators will not only enjoy plenty of power to get the job done but will also experience extraordinary smoothness.

The rear axles feature automatic differential lock. The hydraulic clutch-style differential lock can be engaged on the go.

Three of the six new G-Series models have six-wheel drive rather than tandem drive, enabling them to power through the toughest cuts with power flowing to all wheels. As a result, operators enjoy increased traction and a 30-percent increase in tractive effort. Six-wheel-drive units also have a precision mode for ultra-low speed operations and steering compensation to help pull the machine through a turn. These models are the 672G, 772G and 872G.

All G-Series machines have programmable auto-shutdown for fuel savings.


John Deere believes that easy-to-service machines are important to increased uptime and low daily operating costs. That’s why each G-Series motor grader has been engineered with a convenient transmission, hydraulic and differential filter bank for fast access. There’s also ground level fueling and a swing-out cool-on-demand automatic reversing fan standard on every model.

“If you work in a dusty environment or one prone to debris, the standard auto reversing fan is going to save you time and maintenance costs,” Stickler said. “The entire cooling package folds out for easy cleanout.”

Deere’s NeverGrease™ pin joints mean a 56-percent reduction in greasing, leading to more time and money savings.

“NeverGrease joints will last longer,” Stickler said. “And the tighter joints will also improve the accuracy of your blade work.”

The multi-function LCD color monitor lets the operator continuously track vital machine readings and temperatures. Other items shown include diagnostics system analysis and the view from the optional rear camera. Additional G-Series enhancements include increased blade lift height, increased circle throat clearance and a large tapered roller bearing in the articulation joint. A Balderson-style front lift group has been added to make it easier to attach snow equipment.

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