Cat Emissions to acquire CleanAIR Systems

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions has signed an agreement to purchase CleanAIR Systems.

Once the transaction has been completed–which Cat says is expected to close July 1, 2010–CleanAIR Systems will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. within the Customer Services Support Division, according to Cat.

CleanAIR Systems is a privately owned company in Santa Fe, N.M., which designs and manufactures customized stationary aftertreatment solutions for internal combustion engines.

CleanAIR Systems will remain headquartered in Santa Fe and will be known as CleanAIR Systems, Inc.- A Caterpillar Company.

The broad product line includes California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified particulate filters, oxidation catalysts and silencers as well as a hybrid selective-catalytic-reduction/particulate-filter/silencer system.

In 2008, Caterpillar Emissions Solutions signed an Allied Vendor Agreement with CleanAIR Systems that Cat says was intended to strengthen the stationary aftertreatment business.

About 70 percent of CleanAIR products were going to Cat dealers under the agreement.

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions will provide marketing and engineering support to CleanAIR Systems, assist with CARB and EPA Verification, and jointly develop next-generation products for Caterpillar customers.