Drive Less, Text More, Who Needs New Roads

Could it be that the internet could change the way America drives, challenging, to say the least the automobile industry’s way of life (and the way we build roads)?

This  is the question that Jeff Neck wonders in a story he writes in Ad Age. And he makes a case. Fewer young people have driver’s licenses and they drive less than previous young generations, enjoying public transport where they can use their digitial equipment safely.

What the story suggests is that we may be seeing less driving, period, and younger people are looking more to public transport. The thought that springs to mind immediately here is those people who are in positions of responsilbity or power vis a vis funding for highways and bridges might see a chance to lean towards the ‘livability’ POV popular in the current administration and in some states. You can almost hear them saying that there is enough funds for roads already, people want alternative transport and that’s what we need to fund, we have enough roads.

Check out the story.