Roadtec Announces Important Enhancements to Its SX-7 Soil Stabilizer

Roadtec’s powerful 700 hp soil stabilizer/reclaimer has undergone a transformation with many refinements over the past year. Compared to the first 2007 prototype, the current SX-7 looks very different.

The changes in the body of the machine are mostly related to maximizing visibility. Visibility is tricky with any large construction machine, but Roadtec has creatively redesigned the front and rear body of the machine so that visibility is dramatically improved.

The cab is optional and can slide right or left, past the frame of the machine.

With the SX-7 water and emulsion are handled by one system. Any single nozzle, or set of nozzles in the spray bar can be turned off individually to precisely control how much liquid material is put down.

The new Roadnet Central Control and Diagnostic System has an easily navigable screen to give the operator feedback on virtually every function of the machine. Additionally, trouble shooting screens for all systems can be accessed with the touch of a button.

With its variable volume cutter, the drum can be moved up or down in the housing on the fly. To create more mixing space, the drum down is moved down. If sizing of the material is critical, the drum can be moved up closer to the housing for the desired result.

The SX-7 is big, but nimble with its true Zero Turn radius. The machine can be entirely turned around in one spot. This is a unique Roadtec feature.

Service accessibility was important in the design of the machine. A person can stand up in the cutter housing to change out tools. Engine components and hydraulics are fully accessible.

Roadtec VP of sales John Irvine comments, “We are proud to be offering our customers this machine, which we feel is more productive than any other comparable stabilizer out there. This gives our customers the added benefit of reducing fuel consumption, even with a machine this big, because they will have to run it for much shorter periods to get the job done.”

True maximum cut depth of the SX-7 is 21″ (53cm). and standard cutting width 8′-5″ (257cm).