Bid List: Wheel loaders and attachments

By Tina Grady Barbaccia

The Komatsu WA470-6 wheel loader features a large-capacity torque converter that provides tractive effort, improved acceleration and improved hill climbing ability. With a net horsepower of 272, an operating weight of 51,850 pounds and a dump clearance of 10 feet, 5 inches when equipped with a 5.5- cubic-yard general purpose bucket, the wheel loader is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-5 diesel engine with an Electronic Heavy Duty Common Rail fuel injection system that provides fast throttle response while optimizing fuel combustion. The wheel loader is equipped with Komtrax technology, which monitors various machine operating information including daily fuel consumption, working hours, hour meter, machine location, cautions and maintenance alerts.

Kawasaki’s new 92ZV-2 loader boasts a full-box section frame, heavy center pins and support structures. The dual Z-Linkage and new chassis design make this a strong, well-balanced, 6-cubic-yard machine, the manufacturer says. Standard features such as the outboard-mounted sealed wet disc brakes, sealed universal joints, reversible fan, adjustable declutch, dual-boom kickout control, idle management system, ELS (efficient loading system) and dual-mode engine switch allow the operator to work efficiently and safely.

The 190C CUT-R-TACH rotary asphalt cutting attachment from General Equipment Co. features a unitized, welded steel plate construction that is reinforced at critical stress areas. The 190C clamps directly to the buckets of tractor loader backhoes and wheel/track type loaders without special tools, modifications or adapters. A patented twin-screw clamping mechanism for a tight fit in both forward- and reverse-cutting directions. A 19-inch-diameter cutting blade is machined from a service duty, alloy steel and yields a maximum asphalt cutting depth of 5-1/2 inches. The unit is designed to handle a maximum downward force of 50,000 pounds and the blade life expectancy is in excess of 25,000 lineal feet. Blades are fully field replaceable without disturbing bearings or seals. Write 42 on Reader Service Card.

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With the HL770-9 wheel loader, Hyundai features’ a new load-sensing hydraulic system with variable-volume pump technology, fully-automatic power shift transmission with variable shift control, multi-stage clutch cut-off, integrated payload system, auto-reversing cooling fan, larger cab with improved visibility, air ride seat and optional joystick steering, larger capacity 5.5-cubic-yard bucket and integrated rear-view backup camera. The machine’s large, removable house doors are designed for easy access to coolers and engine components. Access ladders are designed with large steps with a 20-degree incline for safer access to the cab. The new wheel loader also features a fully-functional GPS capable satellite system known as HI-Mate.

Doosan has launched the DL420, an articulated wheel loader with a larger, more powerful diesel engine than the model DL400, which it replaces. With a bucket capacity of 5.2 cubic yards, the DL420 is designed to take on a wide range of material handling tasks from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel) to industrial, mining and quarrying applications. With the addition of the DL420, the Doosan range of articulated wheel loaders includes eight models with bucket capacities from 1.9 to 6.5 cubic yards. The 49,163-pound DL420 is powered by a 659-cubic inch, six-cylinder turbocharged Cummins QSM11 electronically-controlled engine with high-pressure unit injector system and a state-of-the-art combustion system. Emissions are below Tier 3 regulatory limits. The engine develops 280 horsepower at 2,000 rpm and offers maximum torque of 1,070 pound-feet at 1,400 rpm for optimal traction and breakout force in loading-transport-handling applications.

The JRB Side Dump Bucket by Paladin Construction Group can dump material from many angles, making it ideal for confined, hard-to-maneuver areas and jobs that require even material placement over long distances, the manufacturer says. One side of the JRB Side Dump Bucket is shaped like a standard bucket to hold material, while the other side has a 45-degree side-shoot dumping angle that allows for full side dumping and angle backfilling. It carries up to 4 cubic yards of material and is available in left- and right-hand dump functions. The JRB Side Dump Bucket is available as a pin-on bucket or is compatible with JRB’s Quick Coupler System.

The Terex TL260 Compact Wheel Loader incorporates a transverse-mounted engines for optimal stability so it can lift and transport high payloads, and in turn lower fuel consumption. Designed with an oscillating rear axle, it provides comfort and easy handling on rough terrain by maintaining four-wheel traction, as well as articulated steering to effortlessly maneuver in tight spaces. The compact wheel loader has 175 horsepower, with bucket capacities between 3.3 and 6.0 cubic yards, and achieves a breakout force of 26,995 pounds.

The new OptiShift driveline technology for Volvo Construction Equipment’s L150F, L180F and L220F wheel loaders increases fuel efficiency up to 15 percent over existing Volvo wheel loader technology, according to the company. Competitive testing in short-cycle loading and level/uphill load-and-carry have shown up to 30-percent lower fuel consumption versus major competitors and up to 30-percent higher fuel efficiency, says Volvo. OptiShift is a refinement of the Volvo APS driveline concept. It includes a new torque converter with lock-up and free wheel stator, as well as the Volvo-patented Reverse By Braking (RBB) function.

Caterpillar’s 938H wheel loader and IT38H with integrated toolcarrier linkage feature the company’s C6.6 engine with ACERT Technology, a differential lock system, load-sensing hydraulics, and increased lift and tilt forces. The product offering also meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 off-highway emissions regulations and worldwide emissions standards. The loader features the Cat Fusion Coupler System, a design that pulls the coupler and work tool closer to the wheel loader. The patented design moves the center of gravity closer to the machine, yet the coupler enables the loader to pick up and use a wide range of work tools. The machine’s new, open frame design also provides the operator improved sight lines to the work tool and load.