Cat’s new line of pulverizers reduces largest possible amount of concrete in shortest time

Caterpillar Work Tools B.V. has introduced its new line of P200-series pulverizers for hydraulic excavators. The P200-series, model P215, P225, and P235 extend the range of hydro-mechanical work tools.
“The new line of pulverizers is yet another advancement as we continually expand and enhance our portfolio of solutions to offer more effective and efficient attachments to a broader range of contractors, says David Becktel, commercial manager of Caterpillar Work Tools, in a press statement issued at Bauma 2010. â€śWe continually seek opportunities to respond to customers’ needs and are fully committed to being a reliable, global supplier and technology leader.”
Ideal for pulverizing from non-fixed structures
The P200 series works well as an option for recyclers who need to prepare concrete for fine crushing and is an excellent attachment for secondary demolition. Concrete chunks released during the demolition of concrete structures can be fine-crushed at source. In this process the concrete and the reinforcement are separated. This considerably reduces the transport volume, saving dumping and transportation expenses.
Innovative jaw arrangement
The P200 series offers wide jaws with pick-up tips, large opening, reversible cutting edges and fast closing times that bring a high return on your investment. This high force-to-weight work tool has been specially developed to reduce the largest possible amount of concrete in the shortest possible time.
Enhanced performance
The hydraulic concrete pulverizer is a highly productive pulverizer. The ripper tooth splits concrete instantly and the large number of crusher teeth have a large pulverizing effect. The cylinder of the P200 series is equipped with a speed valve as standard. This device controls the speed of the cylinder and enables to cut/pulverize with great force in short cycle times.
With a mounting bracket this tool can be exchanged among several carriers and in combination with the dedicated CW quick coupler a swap between other Cat work tools can happen in a matter of seconds.
Optimized serviceability
Service and repairs are necessary part of operating any work tool. So the less time and money needed for both, the better. That’s why Caterpillar gives major attention to reducing both. The teeth and blades are replaceable and the hydraulics are easily accessible through bolted hatches. Parts commonality is designed into the P200 products to significantly benefit owners of several work tools.