Asphalt Zipper® Announces Their New 6-Foot Wide Machine

600-lifted-Idaho6in-(2)•  Designed for front-end loaders

•  Quickly mounts on bucket of most loaders

•  Pulverizes asphalt up to 12” thick 72” wide

•  Powered by 203 hp Cummins turbo diesel

•  Impressive 695 ft. lb. of torque

•  Transports on trailer behind a pickup truck

•  Can pulverize over 5500 sq. ft. per hour

The Biggest, Baddest, Reclamation Attachment in the World!

Asphalt Zipper’s big, new 6-foot wide machine is the largest portable reclaimer in the world!  It has been engineered to harness the power and productivity of much larger, more expensive, self-powered machines into an affordable attachment. Powered by a 203HP Cummins, (Tier 3) intercooled Turbo Diesel, it produces an impressive 695 ft. lbs. of torque!  The new AZ-600B will literally transform your loader into a high-powered reclamation machine capable of pulverizing a swath of asphalt 6 feet wide and up to 12 inches thick. It is rated to pulverize over 6000 square feet of 6”–8” thick asphalt per hour!

Features like their active-hydraulic depth control and hydraulic top access bit hatch make it user friendly and easy to maintain. Their patented bucket-locking system allows easy on, easy off versatility across the widest range of host vehicle buckets.  Computer engineered cutter heads feature replaceable, bullet-headed, carbide tipped cutting teeth able to produce pulverized material with exceptional gradation that can be reused as road-base or backfill. World-class engineering and innovation combined with a state of the art manufacturing process ensure years of reliable performance.

Street patches, full road repairs, base stabilization and opening utility trenches in asphalt are just a few of its many uses.  The AZ-600B transports easily on its own trailer behind a one-ton pickup truck.  No expensive mobilization costs!  It connects and disconnects to the bucket of your loader in just minutes.  Simply said, Asphalt Zipper’s award winning attachments make full-depth reclamation easy and affordable and now their new 6-foot model makes it even faster.