Announces Release of Versatile Tripod Mounted Light Tower with HID Fixtures

Wal Tp 2 X6670Larson Electronics’ announced today the release of the WAL-TP-2X6670 tripod mounted light tower with HID fixtures. The latest in Magnalight’s line of industrial grade HID lighting solutions, the WAL-TP-2X6670 provides high power illumination in a versatile tripod mounted package that allows operation with a wide variety of power sources including 12/24VDC and 120/277 volt AC. Producing a total of 12,600 lumens of light, this tripod mounted light tower provides a powerful and versatile lighting solution for users who require an easily deployed source of illumination that can operate with a wide range of power options.

The Magnalight WAL-TP-2X6670 Tripod Mounted Light Tower provides 12,600 lumens of high intensity flood lighting in a convenient and versatile package that allows operation with a wide variety of power sources. This aluminum tower and light package includes two 70 watt, high intensity discharge light heads mounted atop a telescoping tower that can be extended from 3 to 8 feet in height. A collapsible tripod mount provides a secure and steady platform that allows operators to retract the tower, fold the legs, and easily stow and transport the unit between uses. The two HID light heads can be adjusted independently of each other and produce a combined 12,600 lumens of light capable of covering an area 500 feet wide by 500 feet long. Included with this tower and tripod package is an inline transformer that allows operators to utilize common 110-277 VAC current. Users can also opt to disconnect the transformer and connect this unit directly to 9-32VDC current commonly found in vehicles, heavy equipment, and boats, making this an extremely versatile unit that can be deployed and operated under a wide variety of conditions. The heavy duty aluminum tripod is built to withstand rugged use and the 70 watt HID light heads are IP68 rated waterproof to provide a reliable lighting solution that can withstand operation in demanding commercial and industrial applications. The versatile power options and easy deployment of this HID light tower make it ideal for use as emergency scene lighting, worksite lighting, utility lighting, and anywhere an easily deployed and rugged source of high powered illumination is needed.

“The WAL-TP-2X6670 HID light tower is the latest in the line of Magnalight portable light towers,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “The collapsible heavy duty aluminum tripod and dual 70 watt HID light heads, rated IP68 waterproof make this unit ideal for operating under demanding industrial conditions.  Operators have a lot of flexibility in powering the light, including 110-277VAC for standard grid power or 9-32VDC for battery or vehicle power sources.  It is easy to carry around and store, but can deployed easily anywhere. This unit will easily light up a 15,000sf building when placed in the corner.”

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