Illinois Tollway redesigns website for mobile devices, accessibility

The Illinois Tollway has redesigned its website, which is now fully accessible from mobile devices and offers improved navigation and layout.

There is now 24/7 access to the most frequently used customer services, including I-PASS account information and the ability to pay missed tolls or view violation notices and images online.

The Tollway’s website redesign was based on an analysis of the most frequently viewed Web pages in 2010. Typically, about 21,000 customers visit the Illinois Tollway’s website daily.

“The Tollway’s new website design puts the information Tollway customers want at their fingertips,” Executive Director Kristi Lafleur said in a written press statement. “We’ve used a data-driven approach to learn what the majority of our customers do when they visit our site and have focused our redesign on making sure that those features are front and center.”

Nearly half of the 22 million total page views on the Tollway’s website in 2010 were related to I-PASS, unpaid tolls and violations, according to the Illinois Tollway Authority.

Nearly 5.3 million or 24 percent of the total views were to I-PASS Web pages, with more than 3.6 million or 16 percent of visits to Unpaid Tolls Web pages.  Approximately 1.2 million or 5 percent of visits were to Web pages featuring information about toll violations and violation notices.

The Tollway’s new website features improved organization of more than 400 web pages, making it faster and easier for customers to find the information they need to help them on their travels throughout Northern Illinois.

The website’s six main sections are arranged to ensure that the most frequently visited pages can be accessed instantly.  In addition, the clean new look of the redesigned website maximizes the use of screen space, allowing Tollway customers to get more information with less effort.

New features on Tollway’s website include the following:

  • Expanded navigation provides customers access to key pages from anywhere on the site by clicking on ever-present icons for Board Information, I-PASS, construction, Illinois State Police District 15, Move Illinois, videos and Tollway news.
  • New search function enables visitors to search for key words on web pages or within other documents, including PDFs.
  • Improved access to Tollway information, including the Contact Us and Customer Service web pages.
  • Enhanced platform to handle more visitors, which means less chance of disruption in service for users.