American Signal VoiceStar portable radio station

American Signal‘s VoiceStar is a portable advisory radio station, ready to roll – available with or without a changeable message sign.

Stations are often integrated into a system of several units to instantly notify the public at highway construction zones, traffic incidents and in health and safety emergencies. Via solar power and wireless communication, operators may program broadcast messages and changeable signs remotely.

Powered by a robust array of solar panels and battery backup, VoiceStar can go anywhere, anytime – built to operate in a sustainable way in isolated locations without regular attendance. When optioned, the radio messages and sign text may be programmed locally or remotely via cell service.

VoiceStar is a “quick startup” and can be broadcasting and/or providing its message display in fewer than five minutes. After parking the trailer, the operator swings up the antenna, lays out the portable groundplane and flips on the power. Batteries are immediately online. If AC power is available, the operator has the option of plugging in and charging the system’s batteries while operating. The solar array is aligned flat to allow positioning of the trailer in any roadway orientation.

VoiceStar’s patented groundplane system offers a signal range to match that of fixed advisory radio stations (25-75 square miles). VoiceStar provides the option for two transmitters – of the same or different frequencies – in the same cabinet, with single-switch changeover between transmitters. This allows the operator to change frequencies or change to a backup transmitter quickly, in the field.

VoiceStar’s bright-lensed LED changeable message sign allows for many message programming options and is available in Character Matrix, Line Matrix or Full Matrix formatting.