American Traffic Solutions on Missouri Court of Appeals upholding red-light safety cameras

American Traffic Solutions is applauding the Oct. 25 ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals that red-light safety camera programs don’t conflict with state law.

“This ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals is a victory for road safety and for automated photo enforcement, because the judges ruled that red light safety cameras are a valid exercise of public safety and police power – and the judges rejected every claim that red-light safety cameras have any conflict with state law,” Charles Territo, spokesman for American Traffic Solutions, which operates the red-light safety camera system under contract with the City of Creve Coeur, Mo., said in a written statement to the press. “This ruling is consistent with all other rulings in Missouri and around the country, which have upheld the constitutionality of red-light safety programs.”

Ruling from St. Louis, the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a circuit court decision that Creve Coeur was entitled to enact its ordinance authorizing the red-light safety camera program, and that the ordinance posed no conflict with state law.

Red-light safety cameras have been proven to increase road safety by changing driver behavior to reduce red-light running and injuries and deaths caused by negligent driving habits, according to American Traffic Solutions.