Fabick CAT and Cleveland Brothers appointed NorAm dealers

St.-Louis-based Fabick CAT now represents the NorAm 65E compact motor grader from the dealer’s nine locations in Missouri. The longtime family owned  Caterpillar dealer sells, rents, and supports the 65E at each branch location including their extensive network of Fabick Rental Services Stores.

“NorAm offers a compact motor grader for our valued customers that provides excellent quality and productivity with value second to none. It definitely meets the Fabick creed of ‘to ever serve our customers'” says Mike Pospischil, Fabick general manager, sales.

Cleveland Brothers CAT, headquartered in Murrysville, Pa, has been appointed the NorAm dealer with its17 locations in Pennsylvania and 2 in northwest West Virginia. Cleveland Brothers is also a family owned company in business for more than 60 years.

“The 65E grader is a complement to the line of equipment that we offer our customers and its reputation for quality and uptime meets our organization’s goals in supporting our marketplace” says Tom Schachner, vice president of sales for Cleveland Brothers.

“We are extremely pleased to have Fabick CAT and Cleveland Brothers Cat join our team,” says Eric Mueller, president of NorAm, in written statement. “These companies together represent over 100 years in the construction equipment industry and are very highly respected in their marketplaces.”