$600 million O.C. bridges program kicks off

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) on Oct. 19 kicked off a nearly $600 million program that will separate street traffic from trains at seven locations in north Orange County.

Known as the O.C. Bridges, the projects will eliminate the need for drivers to waste time idling at rail crossings, waiting for trains to pass.

Nearly 70 trains a day travel along the Burlington North Santa Fe rail line through Anaheim, Fullerton and Placentia and that number is anticipated to increase more than 45 percent by 2030 – meaning every 10 minutes a train will be blocking each intersection.

The series of bridges – both underpasses and overpasses – will improve traffic flow and safety at the seven crossings along the rail line in north Orange County.

Placentia Avenue, which borders the cities of Fullerton and Placentia, and Kramer Boulevard will be the first of the seven projects to begin construction.