PowerPlatform: The next generation municipal vehicle

Pp FenceGVM Snow Equipment introduces a brand new, multi-purpose machine offering high speed, maneuverability, a large cargo capacity and excellent operator visibility while still maintaining a road legal 102-inch tire width.

After five years in development at Custom Chassis Inc., GVM Snow Equipment will begin producing the PowerPlatform in December 2010. The first units will be ready for delivery in early 2011.

The PowerPlatform is designed to become next generation municipal machine, and Vice President of GVM Snow Equipment, Thomas Bair, expects it to change snow removal, as we know it today.

The PowerPlatform will reach road speeds up to 45mph. The 4-wheel drive machine offers 4-wheel steering with 3 steering modes: front steering, coordinated steering, and crab steering. The unique frame design allows the PowerPlatform to turn with a 9-foot shorter radius than a pickup truck. This capability allows the vehicle to turn around on a two-lane road intersection and maneuver through cul-de-sacs.

The forward mounted cab with floor to ceiling glass provides excellent operator visibility.

The PowerPlatform carries 26,000 lbs of cargo at 45 mph, and 44,000 lbs at lower speeds.

The PowerPlatform is powered by a 260-horsepower Cummins 6.7L Tier 3 engine mated with a ZF 6-speed power shift transmission, creating a very efficient mechanical drive train. Standard is a 43-gpm of hydraulic accessory flow. The machine has up to six accessory remotes for the front and the rear, controlled with joysticks inside the spacious cab. Other standard features include an on-board scale, a 10.4” instrumentation display, and a backup camera. Options include 11,000 lb front/rear 3-point hitch, 140-hp from PTI, 220-hp rear PTO, and 50-gpm accessory hydraulic flow.

“It’s a very useful, multi-purpose vehicle,” Mike Huhn, vice president of engineering at Custom Chassis Inc. and lead engineer on the project comments, adding, “and despite its size the PowerPlatform is more maneuverable than an F-150 pickup.”