New Holland’s new 7 skid steer loaders: ‘Bigger, badder and better’

Updated Mar 24, 2020

New Holland Construction introduced its new L220 skid steer loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011New Holland Construction introduced its new L220 skid steer loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011

LAS VEGAS—New Holland Construction introduced seven skid steer loaders in its new 200 Series, the result of five years customer research, design and engineering improvements.

Rolled out on March 23 during ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011, New Holland says it maintains the best-in-class forward dump height and reach with the Super Boom loader vertical lift design – and introduces breakthrough productivity improvements.

“New Holland skid steers are built around our customers’ needs. Our engineers used input from hundreds of customers to design the new 200 Series line-up,” said Dave December, marketing manager at New Holland Construction. “The New Holland skid steer loaders have been engineered from the ground up. No matter what your line of work, construction, landscaping or agriculture, you’ll work faster, smarter and more profitably with our new skid steers.”

The New Holland L218, L220, L223, L225 and L230 skid steer loaders feature the patented vertical lift Super Boom design, which enable the units to load material to the center of trucks. The 53-degree dump angle helps operators empty the bucket faster, which increases cycle times and productivity.

The new self-leveling bucket feature on the five models with the Super Boom design allows attachments to maintain the preset location throughout the lift cycle.

“Customers using pallet forks or other attachments to load materials into confined spaces will appreciate the extra work they’ll be able to complete with the self-leveling feature,” December said.

For long load and carry operations, the optional Glide Ride feature on the five New Holland skid steer loader models with the Super Boom design assists with a smoother ride over  rough job site.

These five models are rated from 57 hp to 84 hp. The L218 has an operating weight of 5,850 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 5,435 pounds. The L230 has an operating weight of 8,300 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,585 pounds.

Compact radial lift models

New Holland also introduced two compact models, the L213 and L215. Each features a radial lift design, providing excellent digging performance.

The full-size cab has premium features such as air ride seats, heat, air conditioning, Glide Ride, and self-leveling bucket and more. Plus, we beefed up our engines with 20 percent more horswpower than their L Series predecessors.”

A heavy-duty, 1,000 cold cranking amp battery is also standard.

The L213 is rated at 43 hp, with a rated operating capacity of 1,300 pounds (590 kg) and a bucket breakout force of 4,150 pounds. The L215 is rated at 49 hp, with a rated operating capacity of 1,500 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 4,150 pounds.

“A comfortable operator is a productive operator,” December said.

New Holland claims its cab is the “widest, most comfortable cab in the industry,” providing more head and foot room, and offering superior visibility in critical zones.

The New Holland cab is equipped with many new features, including the following:

• A keyless start.

• An ergonomically designed joy stick with all controls.

• Switchable ISO and H-pattern control options.

• Full-body heating and air conditioning.

• A high-intensity lighting package.

• An ultra-thin screen protection system that provides superior job site visibility.

• Large rear window.

• A heated air ride seat option

New Holland skid steer loaders give operators a 360-degree view of the job site,” December said. “The new rear window provides best-in-class rear visibility. And the new lighting package delivers superior job site visibility.”

Stability is an important part of being productive on the job site. The increased wheelbase on the New Holland 200 Series skid steer loaders allows operators to lift and haul more material, increasing productivity.

New Holland 200 Series skid steer loaders also feature large, 16- to 25.5-gallon (60.5 to 96.5 L) fuel tanks, allowing operators to work 10 to 12 hours before refueling.

Daily maintenance on the 200 Series skid steer loaders is quick and easy, so operators can stay on schedule. Regular ground-level maintenance points are grouped together and service can be performed by opening the rear engine compartment and door.

For complete access to major components, the service technician only needs to remove two nuts and washers to tilt the cab forward. There is nothing to disconnect, and no special tools required. The new hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil, extending the service internal to 2,000 hours and significantly reducing the amount of disposed oil.

New Holland offers more than 50 skid steer loader attachments — including augers, brooms, dozer blades, grapples, hammers, pallet forks and rakes — to handle countless construction, landscaping or agricultural jobs. From material handling, digging, lifting and hammering, to trenching, planing or drilling, operators can count on New Holland attachments to boost their productivity. For customers who frequently change attachments, the new skid steer loaders feature a hydraulic heavy-duty coupler.”

The 200 Series skid steer loaders also include proportional auxiliary control as a standard feature on all models.

“Equipment operators can count on New Holland skid steers 24/7,” December said. “They’re bigger, badder and better.” —Tina Grady Barbaccia