Terex AWP manufactures Manitou products

Terex Aerial Work Platforms, following its agreement with Manitou, will manufacture 7.79-, 9.92- and 11.75-meter electrical slab scissors lifts for sale by Manitou respectively as the 78 SEC, 100 SEC and 120 SE.

The agreement between Terex AWP, announced in April 2010, stated the following: Terex AWP would manufacture 7.95- and 9.75-meter self-propelled rough terrain diesel scissor lifts for sale by Manitou as the 100 SC and the 120 SC; Manitou would manufacture 5.70- and 7.90-meter self-propelled vertical masts for sale by Terex AWP under its Genie brand as the GRTM-20J and GRTM-26J.

Like the 100 SC and the 120 SC, Manitou will primarily market these models to end-users through its dealer network and assume responsibility for aftermarket support.