A ‘thinner, lighter’ iPad — again!

The word is that Apple may launch  a “thinner and lighter” version of its iPad in March, according to Business Insider, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

I salivated this time last year when the new iPad (ie. the third generation) came out. Then came the iPad mini earlier this year. Now, i-junkies (and, admittedly, I’m one of them) can look forward to their next fix.

The Business Insider report cites Japanese site Macotakara – who quotes an inside source – for the information. The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the new iPad is expected to be a lot like the iPad Mini and iPhone 5’s design, and the “internals” will be a lot like the iPad 4, according to theBusiness Insiderreport.

It looks like March will be a family outing to the Apple store to test out the latest goods when they are released. I’m not sure who will be more excited about this update: Me or my little boys. We start ’em young in this house.

With all these iterations of the iPad and the amazing functionality that tablets provide, I think that tablets  will eventually become a standard item out in the field.

I’d be interested to hear whether how you use them for business and what functions are the most desirable. Let me know at tgbarbaccia@randallreilly.com.